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California New York Express - Great service! 2 of 2 people found it helpful
We were planning a big family move to New York from the suburbs, and had a lot of stuff to pack up.A lot of that ‘stuff’ ended up being things like furniture, and items that were just too big to fit into boxes. Frankly, we were a little nervous about moving those large-items, knowing we’d have to hire a company to do it. Well, we couldn’t be happier that we chose this moving company. Not only did they make moving our largest items easy, but they...
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I’ve worked with moving companies before in New York, since I’ve moved around a lot.Unfortunately, I had never really had many good experiences with them in the past. Either there have been hidden fees, upcharges, or they just don’t have a sense of professionalism and care when it comes to actually moving my stuff from point A to point B. This company completely changed my thoughts. They are a moving company you can truly depend on, and they...
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Living in New York can be stressful enough on its own, but my main concern in moving from one apartment to another was the travel downtown, and how that would work out when it came to moving all my stuff.Thankfully, they were totally professional about the whole experience, and I didn’t have to stress out over gridlocked traffic. When it came time to unload everything into my new apartment, they proved their professionalism yet again by helping...
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